coffee essentials

Coffee essentials

Coffee Drinkers Might Live Longer

We often know that caffeine in coffee might lead to a serious addiction toward a bunch of people. Well, this is true. But, a lot of past studies worldwide reveal that people who are coffee drinkers might live longer than people who aren’t. Moreover, several cases show that people who drink coffee on frequent daily basis will be healthier than others who don’t. Although it seems addictive, coffee is actually good for our health as well.

There are several thoughts and results about this case. Drinking at least three cups of coffee per day will boost our immunity system since coffees are good to go for our heart. If there are people who talk about disadvantages and risk of having coffee frequently, believe me, they are so wrong. Coffee has been developed and studied well, showing that it is not the causality of being sick or getting any health risk. Despite the fact that coffee is actually good for preventing some sort of liver disease, diabetes, and dementia, the ingredients in coffee are also good to stay away from some cancers. It has been studied by several doctors as well.

Robin Poole, a public health specialist at the Britain’s University of Southampton ever did research about an “umbrella review.” This study aimed to observe coffee drinker’s habitual and how many cups they take per day. This study by Poole’s team also revealed that coffee drinking is definitely safe, nothing else to worry except the coffee is being modified with sugar and other sweet cravings as ingredients.

This study is accepted around the world, and it is made as an essential breakthrough that coffee is truly safe. The ones who say coffee is not good for human’s health are actually thinking about modified coffee, not the original black coffee. Black coffee, especially when it is pure and free of sugar will give a good impact on our health.

Scientists and doctors even advise patient with liver disease to consume it frequently. But, if coffee is already being mixed up with various sweet additions, the health benefits of coffee will disappear. Coffee with sugar, condensed milk, creamer, topping, chocolate, cream, and other sweet ingredients will affect our body by leading us to fatness and chronic disease. Drinking one to three cups a day can help us getting less risk of various diseases. Hence, drinking more than three cups is acceptable, but the health benefits will remain lower.

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Coffee Can Prevent Premature Death, Does It True?

Drinking four cups of coffee per day is a must, doctors say. A long time ago, people believed that coffee might lead to variouscoffee essentials chronic disease. Moreover, they also think that people with high daily consumption of coffee will be crawling to death slowly but sure, making coffee drinkers are likely to die earlier than people who aren’t coffee drinkers. On the other hand, there are no scientific studies which can prove this thing. Besides, doctors and scientists found that coffee can help to reduce the health risk. How can?

Well, this brief summary writing will eventually tell you the reason. Coffee, which is pure and free from any additional ingredients, is full of good natural ingredients by itself. It is true that espresso coffee is the best for our health. The things we should avoid in drinking coffee is the sweet contents such as candy floss, chocolate, milk, condensed milk, sugar, creamer, cream, and the other cravings that can lead to fat and also death risk. The coffee itself is actually good for daily basis.

You can drink one to four cups of coffee in a day, but you have to make sure that you give them a limit and space. No need to be in a rush by drinking them at once. Drinking coffee one by one will help you to reduce stress in the morning, give you relaxation, and prevent you from chronic diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Studies found that coffee drinkers are going to live longer than people who aren’t.

Moreover, coffee can lead to a proper diet for fat people. It can also be used as a diet plan for ordinary people to prevent any risk in health. The recent research in the medical state showed that participants in the study who drank at least one to four cups of coffee in a day would get lower sugar blood and more likely to stay away from heart disease.

Dr. Adela Navarro, who is a cardiologist at Hospital de Navarra, brings a statement due to her findings with her team in the latest study. She said that drinking four cups of coffee in a day is the very best thing people can do for daily consumption and it is the ideal dosage per day of caffeine. Moreover, drinking coffee instead of any other drink in the morning will boost the power and also focus on starting a good day to study or work.

Cuts The Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease by Consuming Coffee Every Day

Drinking coffee is a good start to begin a brand new day. Coffee also can help people to stay focus when doing something such as work and study. Moreover, there are clinical studies in the world conducted by several researchers and doctors to find out whether coffee is a good beverage or not since it contains caffeine.

The coffee itself is divided into two kinds. There are caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee. Both are different. Caffeinated coffee is formed by preparation of grilling, heating, and several steps to get a coffee. The brewing process is also connected to the level of caffeine. The more it is grilled, the more it has caffeine. So, processing coffee bean needs to be under consideration. The preparation of coffee until it is ready to be consumed is pretty neat.

There are two studies conducted in the recent times to get to know better about how does coffee affect to our body and how can it reduces the level of risk of stroke and heart disease. The first study is conducted by involving more than a hundred and eighty thousand participants. All of them are recruited in the early 1990s, starting from 16 years old. There was an amazing result from this study that showed coffee could reduce about twelve percents of death risk, especially premature death risk. In addition, the volunteers are consuming short black coffee, not the ones with various and multiple ingredients such as sugar and creamer.

Veronica Setiawan, as a second author and also a part of the research team from the University of Southern California under the major of preventive medicine, revealed that coffee drinkers have higher life expectancy than others who aren’t. She also stated that coffee could help reduce the level of cancer risk.

The second study was conducted by recruiting more than 450,000 people as participants. All of them are varied in age between 1992 and 2000 across ten European countries, starting from 16 years old since it is assumed that people start to drink coffee in around this age. It was revealed that coffee did reduce the level of heart disease and other health risk related to liver and blood pressure. But, coffee did not affect anything in cancer causality. It was different.

Hence, from the two studies above, we can conclude that it is recommended to drink a cup of coffee every day to cut the risk of stroke and heart disease.

How to Clean Your Coffee Machine Properly

I believe that every coffee lover has a coffee machine in their house instead of buying coffee on and on in the outside. It is undeniable that the smell of brewing is like a heaven for coffee drinkers. The heat and the wait are worth to enjoy. It is making us feel so good in the morning.

One of the most questioned things, when we have a coffee machine at home, is how to clean it properly so that it can stay like new every day even if we use it on and on. So, here I am. This article will tell you about how to unclog, descale, and clean your coffee machine properly. You will be satisfied since your coffee maker will be back like new after you perform these following steps.

First, scrub your coffee machine before descaling and unclogging your coffee machine

A cup of coffee cannot lie. The smell and the heat are totally in sync to boost our energy in the morning. You have to clean your coffee machine since you use it every day. I believe you won’t end up in anger since your coffee machine stops working. So, you have to clean it. The very first thing to do is you have to give the exterior and interior of the machine a good scrubbing. You can use an old toothbrush to help you do this step as well.

Second, pour white vinegar in your coffee machine steadily and slowly

After your machine is cleaned, you can pick a tissue to run the deep cleaning and completing the task. Then, you have to pour white vinegar (not much) into the reservoir where the hot water usually goes. It is essential to reset your coffee machine easily.

Third, fill up the coffee machine with water and run through several complete cycles

Finally, run several cycles until the white vinegar is completely gone and this step will eventually tackle any clogs or buildup in the machine.

For your information, the coffee machine is likely similar to our pets. Once you don’t pay attention to, you will get it dirty just in case that you wear this to make a cup of coffee every day. You must keep an eye on your coffee machine. At least once a week, you must do the steps of deep cleaning so that you can use your coffee machine safely. It also makes your coffee machine stand still like new if you do this frequently.